Come Sing with Us!

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We offer anyone who loves music the opportunity to sing and improve their vocal skills, in a friendly and congenial environment.

New members are encouraged to be musically literate—able to read rhythmical and musical notation. Members may not miss more than two rehearsals during a concert season. All absences should be discussed with a Choir Liaison.

Member Costs:

  • $500 MXN per season
  • Concert attire for new members

Other Requirements:

  • Volunteering with duties such as concert/rehearsal set up/tear down & other choir activities as needed
  • A willingness to sell tickets to our regular and fundraising concerts

Audition for New Members:

  • Complete the ”Join Us” form below
  • Prepare one song (no more than 3 minutes) of any genre (a cappella or with piano accompaniment). If it is accompanied by piano, bring an extra copy of the music for the director to collaborate with you during the audition.
  • Vocalization with Music Director
  • 15 minute audition duration

If you have questions about the above, you may contact Los Cantantes del Lago’s Music Director, Timothy G. Ruff Welch